SAP FI: Down Payment - Advance Payment

1. What is "down payment"?

Down payment is the Received/Paid amount before actual handing over the Goods .
2. The main contents of the down payment:

(1) Down payment is processed when the commodity buying and selling is promised, and the amount received/Paid before the commodity is handed over.
(2) The down payment happens in a debt or Credit side before the commodity is handed over .
(3) after the commodity is handed over, the down payment happened in debt/Credit could be deducted with accounts receivable/Payable.
3. In SAP "special G/L indicator" is used for handling the down payment posting.

What is special G/L indicator? -> For distinguishing the down payment and accounts receivable of the same customer: The "special G/L indicator" is used.

In SAP standard , Special G/L indicator : "A" is used for for Down payment.

Customizing: TCODE:FBKP->special G/L button->example: selecting "Acct Type" : " D " and "SGL Ind." : "A"->Maintain reconciliation account and special G/L account (the reconciliation account will be replaced by special G/L account when "A" is used for posting down payment line items) , by pressing properties button-> "Special G/L transaction types" could be set.

4. standard scenarios for customer down payment in SAP R/3 system for down payment processing:

(1) Down Payment Request (T-cd:F-37) with special G/L indicator : "A" -> it is only a note, a line item.
(2) Create down paymet n in F-29 with special G/L indicator : "A" in T-cd:F-29. Within this step, the down payment could be cleared.
(3) Create account reveivable in T-cd:FB70( customer open line items is posted).
(4) Clear the down payment created in step(2)withinv customer open item created in step(3) in T-cd:F-39.

Normally the partial amount in customer Open items is cleared with down payment( down payment amount <= amount in customer open item)

(5) Clearing the account receivable in F-28(clearing the left part amount in customer open line items)

For example:
(1)For down payment request, no transaction is happened, so no really document with debit/credit lines generated.
(2) creatr down payment : Bank ¥10,000  / down payment ¥10,000
(3) create customer open line item : account Reveivable ¥15,000  / Revenue ¥15,000
(4) clear down payment : Down payment ¥10,000 / Receivcable ¥10,000
(5) clear the customer open line item : Bank ¥5,000 /  Receivable ¥5,000


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